Some Ways to Find Cheap Travel


Cheap airlines and budget accommodation have made it much easier for us to travel on a budget. Here are some of the best ways to dig out the best deals when you are holiday hunting:

  • Sign up to cheap flight notifications. You will get an email every time  flight comes up that is especially cheap. Monitor them carefully to pick your next destination.
  • Look on price comparison sites. They will show you the price of different types of accommodation alongside each other.
  • Look on hostel websites. Hostels offer decent budget accommodation. Browse the hostels in your destination and see if you can find something to suit.
  • Browse the various tour providers in the area. Often they will sell trips and tours for a similar price but you may find yourself a cheaper option.
  • Travel on unusual dates. Go on holiday midweek and get the flights nobody else wants – it might not be the most convenient option but it will be cheap.

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